Company History

Feb.1977 Company is established in Denen-chofu, Ohta-ku, Tokyo to design and develop electronic equipment.
1979 Developed the world’s first programmable video signal generators. As a product which typically embodies the ASTRODESIGN’s technological prowess, these generators point the way ahead for the company’s future technological fortunes and lay the foundation of its development.
Early 1980s Commenced the development of image processors and other products related to the image processing field
1985 After company’s technological reserves were highly appraised, it commenced the development of HDTV-related products at the request of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK).
July 1986 To cope with the expansion of its business, the company built a new head office in Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki. All divisions are moved to the new location.
Sept. 1987 Set up the Kansai Sales Office in Osaka to provide user support in western Japan
Dec. 1988 Commenced the sale of DADiSP waveform analysis software made by the American company DSP
1990 Commenced the development and sale of Synthevision (background coupler unit for chroma keys) which would serve as a milestone in virtual studios.
1990 Increased capital to 72 million yen
Aug. 1991 Established the Matsuyama Development Office
June 1993 Established the Kawasaki Technical Center
1994 Developed MPEG encoders and started up deliveries
1995 Developed and commenced the sale of the world’s first HDTV digital chroma keyers
Mar. 1996 Received ISO9001 certification (registration number JET-0056)
Oct. 1998 Established the Kishimoto Research & Development Center
(Name later changed to Tottori R&D Center on January 1, 2005)
Dec. 1999 Received ISO14001 certification (registration number EE99-102)
Mar. 2002 Head Office moved to Meguro-ku, Tokyo
2005 Developed a video processor dedicated to Super Hi-Vision with the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) following the Aichi Exposition
June 2007 Head Office moved to Ota-ku, Tokyo
April 2012 Established the US office
780 Montague Expressway, Suite 302, San Jose CA 95131 USA
2013 Expanded 8K product lines in anticipation of 8K trial broadcasting
2016 Opened “8K Suite” in the head office as an 8K production facility
2017 Developed the world’s first DLP 8K projector image processing board and supplied to Digital Projection Ltd. (a Delta Associate Company). Both companies oversee the handling of the 8K projector.
June 2018 La SCOPE (Laser Scanning Optical Pupil Extension) Microscope product announcement
Dec. 2018 Opened the ”8K theater” in the head office as an 8K video preview facility


Nakahara Blanch
Nakahara Office
(Previous Head Office)


Takatsu Blanch
Kawasaki Technical Center
(Previous Office)

Tottori R&D Center
Tottori R&D Center

Old Head Office
Meguro Office 
(Previous Head Office)

Head Office
Head Office

U.S.A Office
US Office