About us

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Since its founding in 1977, with high-end niche as a corporate philosophy, ASTRO has sought possibilities in a market that was underdeveloped and technically difficult for large enterprises to enter. We have developed a large array of products and expanded our business beyond expectations.

Specializing in real-time high-speed digital signal processing technology, we have developed several “world’s first” or “first in Japan” products, including our many 8K devices.

Now, with the advancement of technologies such as the Internet and artificial intelligence, the world will become increasingly convenient and prosperous, and people’s demands will change accordingly.

Our company’s goal is to further refine the image technology that we have cultivated up until now, actively challenging new fields, being active in various locations throughout the world.

We will continue to challenge unlimited possibilities for the future of this company. 

Basic Management Policy

By keeping image electronics as our base technology and building as many pillars as possible on top of that foundation by developing products in various markets, all employees will strive to build a more reliable and stable management foundation.

Our Spirit

  1. 1. A company that contributes to the improvement of the standard of living and culture of the world by “creation of new value”
    2. A company whose existence is celebrated by society
    3. A company where all employees can work with peace of mind while enjoying a fun and rewarding experience

ASTRODESIGN’s Technology