Outline of product

Kushimoto 8K, 4K Content “VT-7006” is uncompressed high resolution 8K footage that was shot and recorded with equipment developed by ASTRODESIGN. The footage has been produced and edited, and can be used for demonstration, research, and development purposes.


Shooting location: Wakayama Prefecture, Kushimoto City
Dates: March 16th, 2014 – March 19th, 2014
Underwater Photographer : Masakazu Akagi  http://akagi.image.coocan.jp/

Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Photography Dept
Recipient of Research award and Sakai Special Camera Industry Award
Currently a visiting lecturer for the Photography Dept

Winner of 15th Diving World Photo Grand Prix Selected for 5th and 6th Diver Photo Contest Winner of 1st Yokohama International Underwater Footage Special Award Exhibited at the 3rd and 4th Japan Underwater Shooting Exhibit (for photography and video)
DVD book (Small Islands and the Vast Ocean)
2008 (Radish Diver?!)
2008~2009  Participated as a member of the salvage project of the Turkish battleship Ertuğrul

Equipment Used

・Camera: AH-4800 (Made by ASTRODESIGN)
・Lens : ZEISS CompactPrime CP.2 35mm
・Underwater Blimp : Custom made for Astrodesign
・8K SSD Recorder : HR-7512-C(Made by ASTRODESIGN)
・5"HD Camera Viewfinder : DM-3105(Made by ASTRODESIGN)
・17"Waveform Monitor : WM-3207(Made by ASTRODESIGN)
・4K Monitor : DM-3432(Made by ASTRODESIGN)
・Editing : Adobe Premiere Pro CC


ResolutionScene TitleRecording Time

Number of Frames



Approx. 3 min 33 sec12810



Approx. 3 min 25 sec12316

Recording Format

・File Format : TIFF RGB4:4:4 16bit sequential files
・Resolution : 8K:7680×4320 4K:3840×2160
・Framerate : 59.94p
・Audio : None

  • Color Depth: Only the MSB 10bit of the TIFF 16bit File is available.
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Shooting Staff : Ecolocation, Astrodesign, Inc.
Production, Composition: Astrodesign, Inc.