Main Features

・ Suitable for testing HDMI 2.0 6G and HDCP 2.2 supported Source devices
(Pixel Clock: Max.600MHz, 4K/60p RGB 4:4:4 and 4:2:0)
・ Supports HDMI CTS MOI and HDCP test item as an option (Test items will be updated accordingly.)
・ VA-1842 analyzes Video Timing, Audio Timing, Infoframe/Packet, HDCP Status, DDC Line Monitor,
CEC Line Monitor and Video Data (Including BT-2020 colorimetry) measurement.
・ Similar functions as previous generation HDMI analyzers *VA-1831/VA-1838.
*Lipsync mesurment function (NEW)
*Oen frame capture function (NEW)
・ SCDC (Status and Control Data Channel) register display and line monitoring function
・ EIA CEA-861-F (*) and a part of DMT r1 v12 timing input
*Except VIC91, 92 (2560 x 1080). Fixed timings input (timing table
・ EE-EDID1.4 and CEA-861-F of HDMI 2.0 pre-installed.
・ "Through Mode" supported with optional adaptor
*3G Through Box : VA-1841-1
*6G Through Box : IA-1563
*By placing VA-1842 between Source and Sink device, it can monitor communication of DDC/CEC
lines and save log data.  Source signal is passed through to sink and video data is not regenerated.
・ EDID Editor and Log Viwer function supported with standard application software
・ Portable size

Front / Side Image


HDMI InputPixel Clock25 to 600MHz (Data Rate : max.6Gbps)
Color SpaceRGB/YCbCr 4:4:4, 4:2:0
ColorimetrySMPTE 170M / ITU601, ITU709, EXT Colorimetry
(BT.2020, xvYCC601, xvYCC709, sYCC601, Adobe YCC601, Adobe RGB)
Bit widthMax.16-bit
HDCPVer.1.4 and 2.2
Repeater ModeWill besupported in future update
Generate ModeSupported
Through ModeSupported with Optional Adaptor
Notice : No guarantee on its signal quality if over 3G (300MHz)
Audio InputSampling frequencyMaximum 192KHz 8 channel
EIA*EIA-861-F (max.4K/30 or60p) fixed timing input
*Note : Except VIC91, 92 (2560x1080).
*Note :Detailed Timing Table available by request.
E-EDIDVer.1.4 and CEA-861-F of HDMI 2.0
MOIHDMI 2.0 MOI, HF-3-3 Repeater Repeated Input Port - 6 - 2160p
LCD Display12.1 inch, *XGA (1024x768) with 16 million color
*Note : 4Kx2K Dot-by-Dot display by scaling also supported

[ Data Storage ]

Storage MediaIncluded : USB 16GB (Trancend), for saving LOG file and FW upgrade

[ External Control ]

InterfaceIncluded : LAN (10/100BASE-T).
USB Host x 2 (Mouse control and USB Memory)
USB Device x 1 (PC control by Utility Software)

[ General ]

Power voltageAC100-120V, AC200-240V (AC50/60Hz)
Power consumotion50W
Operating temperature range+5 to 40°
Operating humidity range30 to 80% RH (non condensation)
WeightAbout 4.0 Kgs