8K Video Technology Enables High-Quality Recording and Reproduction of Performing Arts.


The spread of the new coronavirus has forced the decision to cancel or postpone various forms of entertainment and artistic activities.
The Emergency Performing Arts Archive + Digital Theater Adaptation Support Project (EPAD) was established in 2020 by Terada Warehouse Co., Ltd. and the Emergency Performing Arts Network, a general incorporated association, with the aim of supporting performing arts and other forms of entertainment that are experiencing difficulties i.e., helping to strengthen their earning capacity.
Astrodesign has been collaborating with EPAD since 2020 to conduct a number of 8K filming and recording of performing arts.
In this issue, we will introduce examples of the use of 8K cameras and 8K projectors in EPAD's activities.

The Future of Performing Arts Digital Archives

On Friday, January 21, 2022, the EPAD Executive Committee hosted "The Future of Performing Arts Digital Archiving" at the Terada Warehouse G1-5F event space: Is High Sound and Image Quality a Magic Wand? ~was held at the Terada Warehouse G1-5F event space. At the venue, three stage productions recorded in high image quality (8K) and high sound quality (Dolby Atmos®), including musicals performed with a live orchestra in the background, were projected on a large 275-inch screen using an 8K projector. The projection created a sense of realism as if the audience were watching a live performance in a theater.

After the screening, a roundtable discussion was held to discuss the use of 8K recorded images and the possibility of their widespread use.
By archiving theatrical performances in ultra-high definition 8K video and stereoscopic sound, it is possible to preserve the stage art and atmosphere of the work in detail for posterity, and to monetize the work after the performance is over. It is also expected to be utilized on various platforms such as distribution.

Advantages of 8K fixed-point shooting

Mr. Kensaku Fukui, a member of the EPAD executive committee, made the following comments at the roundtable discussion.
"The advantages of 8K fixed-point shooting are clear. Only one auditorium needs a shooting, and it can be filmed with only one staff member. No editing work is required, so costs can be very low. The closest thing to what the audience saw can be preserved with the best possible image and sound quality, and we can expect various developments in the future. However, until I saw the footage, I had some prior concerns about how well it would hold up to viewing. 8K video is not the live event or the stage itself that we all love, and what is not preserved in the video is the sound and image. Furthermore, what is not captured on film cannot be seen later, no matter how we try. However, with this solution, there is tremendous value in preserving it for future generations, for people around the world, and for those who cannot make it to the theater."
Astrodesign will continue to provide technology that helps preserve the performing arts for future generations.