Using a broadband network of up to 400 Gbps, 8K60p video shot with an 8K camera was transmitted in real time without compression (48 Gbps), and the video was displayed on an 8K projector.


The National Institute of Informatics (NII) of the Research Organization of Information and Systems is the only academic research institute in Japan with the mission of "creating future value" in the new academic field of informatics. As an Inter-University Research Institution, NII has built and operates the Science Information NETwork (SINET), providing advanced network services to universities and research institutes, etc. On April 1, 2022, SINET6 will be put into operation, connecting the NII sites at a maximum SINET6 will be operational on April 1, 2022, enabling broadband network connections of up to 400 Gbps between sites.

One way to demonstrate the usefulness of a broadband network such as SINET6 is through the real-time transmission of uncompressed 8K video (approx. 48 Gbps), which has a large amount of data and is visually easy to understand. In this report, we introduce an example of 8K video transmission demonstration at the SINET6 opening ceremony held in May 2022.

SINET6 Opening Ceremony

The SINET6 opening ceremony was held on May 30, 2022, the first day of the NII Academic Information Infrastructure Open Forum 2022.

SINET6 is an academic information network constructed and operated by the NII. SINET6 is an upgraded version of SINET5, with a nationwide 400Gbps ultra-high-speed network, support for mobile networks such as 5G, and enhanced international connectivity, etc. It will not only support increasing communication volume, the broad development of IoT-related research, and expanding international collaborative research, but will also serve as the foundation for the data-driven society of the future. It will also serve as a foundation for the data-driven society of the future.

The ceremony included speeches by the concerned parties, an opening ceremony, as well as lectures and an appreciation ceremony related to SINET6.

Transmission of 8K images from Okinawa to Tokyo

Before and after the SINET6 opening ceremony, 8K video transmission was performed, connecting the Ginoza DC (data center) in Okinawa to the Academic Center in Tokyo, which houses the NII, via the SINET6 circuit network. Live 8K video from the Ginoza DC and 8K content reproduced from the Ginoza DC were transmitted to the Hitotsubashi Auditorium, the venue for the opening ceremony, and projected onto a 400-inch screen installed in the auditorium using an 8K projector.

Ginoza DC

Hitotsubashi Auditorium

In addition to the view of the Okinawan ocean from the Ginoza DC, ceremony participants were able to view 8K 3D images played back from an 8K recorder brought into the Ginoza DC and displayed in the Hitotsubashi Auditorium. The projector was also used for video presentation and display of materials during the ceremony.

Image of the equipment system

Ginoza DC

Hitotsubashi Auditorium

At Ginoza DC, the CCU was installed at a location extended approximately 200m from the outdoor camera head AB-4830 using optical transmission equipment OT-5902/OR-5903.

A video switcher was used to switch between the camera's live output and 8K content played back on the 8K SSD recorder HR-7518-A.

The output from the video switcher was converted to an ST 2110 compliant signal using the IG-5114 8K IP gateway for IP transmission, and the video received at the Hitotsubashi Auditorium side was displayed on the INSIGHT Laser 37000 8K projector.

Comment from NII staff

Thanks to your technical support, we were able to make the SINET6 opening ceremony spectacular. The 8K uncompressed video transmission from Ginoza DC to Hitotsubashi Auditorium was very stable, and the image projection by the 8K projector at over 400 inches was very powerful.

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