Since 2020, numerous spectator-less matches have been held due to the impact of the new coronavirus. Many people may have been frustrated by the psychological impact on the athletes of games without spectators. I believe that it is the common wish of sports teams and stadium operators to provide spectators who return to their venues with a more enjoyable, safe, and comfortable experience. In this issue, we would like to introduce a demonstration conducted with the aim of improving the sports spectator experience.

Demonstration at Vantelin Dome Nagoya

In early October 2021, at an official game between the Chunichi Dragons and the Hiroshima Toyo Carp held at the Vantelin Dome Nagoya, we conducted a demonstration of our marketing and security platform "ASCA" with Casley Holdings,Inc. and Abit Co. Ltd.

Astrodesign's 8K camcorder was used to capture 8K video of the entire field from a bird's eye view behind the back net.
The captured images were checked on an indoor 8K monitor and transmitted at high speed and low latency via ABIT's local 5G network.
In addition, data analysis was performed using CASLEY's high-speed technology and AI.
Recognition accuracy that could not be captured with a conventional HD/4K video or transmission over 4GLTE was achieved.

・Real-time data distribution to mobile devices
・Ordering of goods from the audience using object recognition technology
・Detection of seat density and hazardous conditions
・Estimation of back screen viewing time

We confirmed that various solutions can be realized starting from video images such as the above.

What is ASCA?

It is a new service business model by Astrodesign, Casley Holdings,Inc., and AIC-VISION Corporation, utilizing advanced technologies such as 8K video equipment + 5G + AI analysis platform, etc. The project has been selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Agency as a "Business Support Project for Innovative Services in 2048," and aims to become a highly competitive business in the future as a service that combines innovative equipment and business models that have never been seen before. In the future, we intend to automate the system and expand the service to the entertainment field and commercial facilities, in addition to sports.

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