Outline of product

This device downconverts full resolution 8K, 8K Dual Green and 4K signals to HD signals, converts HDR to SDR, and converts color gamut using 3D LUT.
We developed this device to use 8K, 4K signals for HD broadcasting.


● Down-converts full resolution 8K, 8K Dual Green, and 4K to HD
● Adjustment value of HDR to SDR conversion function can be saved and read via SD card
● HLG (ITU-R BT.2100) compatible
● Input color gamut (ITU-R BT.709 and ITU-R BT.2020) compatible
● 3D LUT grid size is 83 × 83 × 83 and it can be set at non-uniform intervals
● 3D LUT can be set via SD card
● 8K Dual Green, 4K input, through output
● Enhance adjustment function in HD output
● Reference input (BB or ternary synchronization signal), output phase adjustment function
● Preset function
● Alarm contact output
● Redundant power supply


FormatNumber of BNCs to UseResolutionFrame RateToneSDI Format
Output BNC×4
(distribution output)
1920×108059.94iYCbCr 4:2:2 10bit1.5G(1.485Gbps)
3G-SDIInput BNC×1
Output BNC×4
(distribution output)
1920×108059.94iRGB 4:4:4 10bit3G-Level B(2.97Gbps)
Dual Link
4KInput BNC×4
Output BNC×4
(Through output)
3840×216059.94pYCbCr 4:2:2 10bit3G-Level A/B(2.97Gbps)
Square Division
3G-Level A/B(2.97Gbps)
2-Sample Interleave Division
8K Dual GreenInput BNC×8
Output BNC×8
(Through output)
7680×432059.94pG1/G2/B/R 10bit3G-Level B(2.97Gbps)
Square Division
Full Resolution 8KInput BNC×167680×432059.94pYCbCr 4:2:2 10bit3G-Level B(2.97Gbps)
Square Division(16 divisions)
I/F2.97Gbps or 1.485Gbps 75Ω BNC
ConversionDown-conversionFull Resolution 8K → HD
8K Dual Green → HD
4K → HD
HLG(ITU-R BT.2100)
Color Gamut ConversionITU-R BT.709及びITU-R BT.2020
3D LUT grid size 83×83×83
EnhanceBoost variable band of 27.5 MHz, 30 MHz, 33 MHz for HD output
Test Pattern OutputColor bar、Gray scale
Embedded audio is audio frequency 1 kHz in all audio channels 1 to 16 ch.
Added sound of -18 dB. (Sampling frequency is 48 kHz)
Phase AdjustmentAdjust for each resolution for reference input or SDI input.
Alarm Contact Output

PIN1:Total Alarm(Power alarm、fan alarm、SDI alarm or signal)

AudioReference Input
Sampling Frequency48KHzFormat

BB in(EIA RS-170A)
Tri-level sync in
(SMPTE 240M/274M/296M)
(1920×1080/59.94i only)

Output Format32ch
Channel1-16chFull resolution 8K:CH1Interface75Ω BNC
8K Dual Green:G1 a/bLoop ThroughThrough output side 75Ω termination with no connection(Automatic termination)
17-32chFull resolution 8K:CH2General Specifications
8K Dual Green:G1 c/dPower Consumption100W
4K:CH2Power-supply VoltageAC100-240V
DelayOperating Temperature5~40℃
Input delay33.4(ms)Operating Humidity20~80%RH(no condensation)
+Genlock adjustment valueDimensions430(W)×44(H)×351(D)mm (without protrusion)
(Reference input standard)Weight4.5 kg