Outline of product

A downstream keyer (DSK) and upstream keyer (USK) that supports 2 line inputs, up to 8 super lines.


  • System
    ● SDI I/O compatible with  3G-SDI / HD-SDI
    ● Two lines (LINE A, LINE B) can be individually set as DSK / USK
    ● Sync signal can be set individually for two line outputs * LINE A / B is in sync
    ● Line input corresponds to emergency through
    ● AVDL function (± 1H pull-in range with REF signal reference , minimum delay: 6.7 μs)
    ● BMP / TGA still image file  imported from SD card can be used as internal superimposed data
    ● Connect up to two remote controllers
  • ● Dual power supply

● Supports asynchronous input (1f delay with FS installed)
● Supports NAM / Addition / Combiner Linear / Priority synthesis
● Key input can also be used as a mask key
● Transition selection of CUT / FADE / CUT⇒FADE / FADE⇒CUT
● FADE time selection (from 0s01f to 2s00f  1f steps)
● Reduction of  superimposed text , display position specification
● Four patterns of FADE curves

Extended function
Also available as 4K DSK
Supports 2 super lines (fill and key) and 1 line.



Desktop remote controller



Rack remote controller