Outline of product

The successor to the popular GG-167-HD/4K, this is an uncompressed HD/4K video input and output compliant frame memory board.
With 1.5G / 3G / 12G (selection) of SDI ×4 (up to 8 lines with the use of an optional expansion board) equipped as standard, real-time output of HD to 4K / 59.94p can be achieved.
Additionally, by using the composite function on the board, it is possible to combine and output frame memory video to the input HD / 4K video.


● Frame memory board specialized for HD / 4K video
● Achieves data transfer speeds that can playout HD / 4K video via PCI Express compliance
● Equipped with 1.5G / 3G / 12G (selection) of SDI × 4(up to 8 lines with the use optional expansion board) as standard
● Combines frame memory video with input video and output
● Frame memory can be configured as FILL+KEY, ideal for telop systems output
● SDI × 8 lines with the use of optional expansion board and supports various outputs such as FILL+KEY, OnAir, and Next with one board
● SDK included (for Windows 10; contact ASTRODESIGN for different OS)