Outline of product

8K interface converter, converting 8K Dual Green HD-SDI 16ch/3G-SDI(Level-B) 8ch to Dual Link DVI 16ch.
It makes easy to connect 8K Dual Green equipment to Dual Link DVI 16ch input monitor.


3G-SDI(Level-B): BNC connector x 8
HD-SDI: BNC connector x 1, G1/G2/R/G 10bit per each
8K Dual Green format
DVI: Dual Link DVI x16ch, R/G/B 10bit per each
●Dimensions: 430(W)×88(H)×350(D) mm (excluded protrusions)
●Weight: Approx. 5.5 ㎏

8K 55-inch LCD Monitor「DM-3814」 (Click here for details)