Outline of product

This uniquely designed camera has a separated but connected camera head and camera control unit (CCU).
This allows it to support a wide range of shooting environments and not be subject to typical shooting restrictions.
The connection between the camera head and CCU can be extended up to 100 meters by using U-SDI cable.
We hope that this design will inspire new ways shooting and production.

Connection Diagram

Application Example -VR-

WIth only a fisheye lens with an 8K camera, you can shoot at an extreme wide angle in high resolution and with no stitching.
By connecting with editing / distribution server, real-time 8KVR distribution is also possible.



SensorSuper 35mm equivalent single plate CMOS image sensor
Number of effective pixelsApproximately 33 million pixel
ADC bit depth14bit
ND filter positionClear, 1/4ND, 1/16ND, 1/64ND
CC filter position3200K, 4400K, 5900K, CAP
Lens MountMicro Four Thirds
Latitude12 Stop
Electronic shutter

・1/24, 1/48,1/50, 1/60, 1/100, 1/120, 1/240, 1/480, 1/960, 1/1920
・variable shutter(1/24sec. to 1/10000sec.)

Frame frequency24, 25, 50, 59.94, 60 Hz
Gain-3, 0, +3, +6, +9, +12, +18dB
Gamma curve・HLG (Dynamic range 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 2000%)
・Log gamma
Color gamutITU-R BT.2020/BT.709

Recording function

StorageSSD pack(MM-210)
Slot number×1
Recording time40 minutes (2Tbyte), 80 minutes(4TByte)
Video CodecGlass Valley HQX Codec (7680×4320 4:2:2 10bit)
Video compression ratio6Gbps@60p  (about 1/7)
Audio formatLinear PCM 24bit 48kHz 32ch

I / O interface

8K video output12G-SDI×4
4K video output3G-SDI×4
HD video outputHD-SDI×1

General specifications

Power RequirementsTBD
WeightCamera Head:1kg  CCU:5kg
DimensionsCamera Head: 75(W)×72(H)×210(D)mm(Excluding Protrusions)
CCU:120(W)×160(H)×180(D)mm(Excluding Protrusions)