Outline of product

This device is an IP Gateway that supports JPEG XS encoding/decoding.
It is equipped with a mode in which 4K/8K video input by SDI is encoded by JPEG XS, packed in RTP and transmitted, and a mode in which JPEG XS data is extracted from the received RTP and the decoded video is output by SDI.

Main Function

●Supports JPEG XS compression
・Visual lossless and Low Latency
・Compression rate 1/5 to 1/16
 [Approximately 8Gbps to 2.5Gbps at 8K/60p]
●12G-SDI x 4 input/output [At 8K/60p]
(Switch between encode mode/decode mode)
●Equipped with 10GbE x 2
(Compatible with SFP + transceivers)
●Compliant with SMPTE ST 2110 standards
・Compliant with SMPTE ST 2110-21/-22/-30/-40
・Compliant with SMPTE ST 2059-1/-2 and can be operated with Best Master Clock
・Line redundancy is possible with SMPTE 2022-7(Hitless)
・Supports LLDP/DHCP/DNS/NMOS/SDP and automates settings and operations
・IPv4 multicast support

For Such Uses

●Live viewing
●Remote production
●Video transmission at medical-related academic societies

Connection Example


IP-Enabled Interface SFP+2 System (1 system is redundant output)
IP-Enabled Protocol System : SMPTE ST 2110-10
Video : SMPTE ST 2110-21/-22
Audio : SMPTE ST 2110-30
Ancillary : SMPTE ST 2110-40
Redundancy : SMPTE ST 2022-7
Video Compatible Interface 12G-SDI x 4 (At 8K)
Video Compatible Format  8K/60p (59.94p) [12G-SDI ×4]
4K/60p (59.94p) [12G-SDI ×1]
4K/120p (119.88p) [12G-SDI ×2]
IP Synchronization SMPTE ST 2059-1/-2(BMC operation when using IP2 system)
External Synchronization Black burst(BB) HD3 value sync
Discovery/Registration/Control Supports NMOS IS -04/-05
Security AMWA NMOS BCP 003 01, 02
GPO D-sub 9 Pin凹Connector
For contact output
Power Requirements AC100-240V duplication
Dimensions 430(W)×44(H)×470(D)mm(Excluding Protrusions)