8K Theater

ASTRODESIGN, Inc. has opened the world’s first 8K 3D theater! It can support amazing 8K 3D and 8K 120Hz video and 22.2ch audio.

By using our INSIGHT Laser 8K Imaging by ASTRO* 8K projector, with a maximum brightness of 25,000 lumens, you can enjoy watching videos projected on the 170-inch screen from the optimum viewing distance of 2.5 meters.

Allow your eyes to feast on unparalleled video filling your full field of vision, and your ears to soak up 22.2ch audio and multi-dimensional sound created by AGS (Acoustic Grove System), to create a hitherto unprecedented sense of reality.

Anyone can visit the theater at their convenience with a simple reservation made in advance. It is also available to rent for demonstrations, previews, screenings, and other purposes.

*Developed as a joint project of ASTRODESIGN, Inc., Delta Electronics of Taiwan, and Digital Projection of the UK of the same group.

Various Content

■ 8K 3D music clips with incredible 22.2ch audio
■ 8K 120Hz content
■ Sports content that, unique to 8K, captures the entire field in one shot
■ 8K virtual museum where you can feel as if you were in an actual museum
■ 8K aerial videos used for crime prevention, news footage, and others
■ Up-converted content using super-resolution technology
■ A collection of artworks displayed in 8K


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