Released Display MTF Measurement System DT-8031/DT-8031-MV


News Release

March 23, 2021

Released Display MTF Measurement System DT-8031/DT-8031-MV

ASTRODESIGN,Inc. (Head office: Tokyo, President: Shigeaki Suzuki) released the DT-8031/DT-8031-MV display MTF measurement system that measures spatial resolution characteristics of 8K/4K TVs, monitors, projectors.

Astrodesign has developed a real-time MTF measuring system IP-4030 (4K compatible) and IP-8030 (8K compatible) that measure the resolution characteristics of cameras and lenses with Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK). The new DT-8031/DT-8031-MV is an application that can measure the spatial resolution characteristics of any display, including 8K/4K TVs, monitors, projectors, smartphones, and tablets, in combination with signal generators and measurement cameras (LMD), in addition to functions such as real-time measurement and noise analysis of camera MTFs supported by IP-4030/8030.

・Real-time measurement of display MTF
  - Support Grille measurement method based on the contrast ratio of square waves, also newly developed Line-based measurement method.
  - Measurement magnification can be set arbitrarily
・Support for real-time measurement of camera MTF, noise analysis, and acquisition of camera and lens data.
・Compatible with a variety of camera interfaces
 - SDI / HDMI *Only DT-8031 supported
 - Machine Vision Standard (CoaXPress / USB3 Vision / GigE Vision) are supported

Product Information

Model Release date
DT-8031 March 2021
DT-8031-MV* March 2021

*Only Machine Vision Standard (CoaXPress / USB3 Vision / GigE Vision) supported



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