Launch out 8K live viewing support service

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Launch out 8K live viewing support service


ASTRODESIGN, INC. (Head office: Tokyo, President: Shigeaki Suzuki) will support equipment service toward business and local government that want to conduct 8K live viewing.

In the world of after the corona, restrictions of movement across countries and regions are expected to continue for the time being. Under such circumstances, expectations are gathering for public viewing and driving theaters, which are conducted with due consideration to prevent infection in each region.

ASTRODESIGN proposed 8K Live viewing supports unique video experience, not only immersive from high definition and realism video, but also for powerful productions that switch between “pull” and “up” with multiple 8K cameras and real time CG synthesis using high performance Tamazone Workstation. 8K projector with high brightness 37,000 lumens projects images beautifully, even outdoors during daytime, avoiding human density.

Example of equipment being used

8K120Hz supported camera AB-4815

Tamazone Workstation  AW-8800

・8K Projector INSIGHT Laser 37000 8K

The 8K public viewing experience is available at the 8K theater at Astrodesign headquarters.
If you are interested, please contact us from our sales or website.


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