Outline of product

VT-7004 4K picture library is an option for VG-870/VG-876 series signal generator(license option) .
It contains 20 kinds of natural pictures and 3 kinds of test patterns of uncompressed 4K resolution.
Natural pictures have 8, 10, 12-bit full color and YCbCr 4:2:0(HDMI 2.0) color depth variations.
These pictures are useful to evaluate resolution, gradation of different brightness, color, texture, and solidity
of display devices.


Format, color dept
Note) Please check the limitation of the timing format of each interface of VG-870/VG-876
series signal generator.)
DCI4096 x 2160
QFHD3840 x 2160
Color depth

8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit, YCbCr 4:2:0(optional license required for VG-870 series)

4Kx2K Test patterns (DCI, QFHD : 2 kinds for each)

A)Monoscope B)Monoscope (China version) C)Circular Zone Plate(CZP)

4Kx2K Natural pictures (DCI, QFHD : 2 kinds for each)

Outdoor scenes
(1)Skyscrapers(daytime) (2)Skyscrapers(night) (3)Sunset-A, B (4)Ferris Wheel (5)Fireworks-A, B
(6)Stone Buddha  (7)Sea wave (8)Riverbed (9)Hardor-A, B (10)Buildings-A, B (11)Flower

Indoor scenes
(10)Fishing tools (11)Fruits  (12)Cameras (13)Flowers-A, B

Sample images
(2)Skyscrapers(night)(5)Fireworks(7)Stone Buddha(10)Fishing tools
Storage mediaStandard
Media32GB CF card (with plastic case and instruction)
Storage format*vgd (special format for VG-870/876 series 172 images and patterns)
1) Each signal generator needs its own license.
2) It is not allowed to use for the purpose except evaluation and demonstration.
3) It will take maximum 10 several seconds to display pictures. (in case of 12-bit)
4) The specification in this catalogue may be changed without notice.