Launch of YouTube channel “8K Video Album”


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August 6, 2021

Launch of YouTube channel “8K Video Album”

ASTRODESIGN, Inc. (headquarter: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Shigeaki Suzuki), AZPRO,INC. (headquarter: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Kazunobu Azuma); Nagoya TV (Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.,Ltd; headquarter: Nagoya-shi, Aichi; President & CEO: Takaya Kano); Joy Art Co., Ltd. (headquarter: Toon-shi, Ehime; President & CEO: Yoichi Ochi), Yone Production Co., Ltd. (headquarter: Nerima-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Ayumi Fujieda); Brycen Co., Ltd. (headquarter: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yutaka Fujiki), MADD. (sponsored by: Keio University’s SFC Institute, Next-Generation Video Consortium, ASTRODESIGN) have jointly launched YouTube channel “8K Video Album”.

In December 2018, the new 4K8K satellite broadcasting started in Japan. And, 8K TV sets have become increasingly popular. Now overseas, 8K TV sets have been released by television manufacturers in each country, and the sales number of TV sets is increasing.
However, there are not so many opportunities to view 8K resolution videos, and the contents are limited. We have launched a YouTube channel in order to enable more people to experience wide variety of 8K contents. We will continue to post 8K contents produced by the participating members. We will also recruit a wide variety of companies, organizations and individuals who can post 8K contents.

8K Video Album

Contact information for content posting and participation:


Based on ultra-high-definition video technology and real-time high-speed digital signal processing technology, we are developing a variety of hardware / software products in fields that require advanced technologies such as 8K. We will continue to provide “only one” products in industries such as broadcasting, display, and the video industry overall.

Producing original contents such as OVER 8K ultra-high-definition video, time-lapse video, 360-degrees, panoramic, multi-camera shooting, and CG-making, regardless of types of video contents. AZPRO takes on the challenge of creating new video experiences and works to bring joy and smiles to everyone.

About Nagoya TV (Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.,Ltd)
Has been engaged in the production of 8K videos since 2015 and has been strongly aware of the potential of ultra-high-definition, realistic video expressions. In order to expand viewing opportunities for 8K contents and explore the need for 8K contents, Nagoya TV will provide various 8K attractions through “8K Video Album” with co-opening companies.

Operates “Botchan Theater”, the only theater in Japan which performs independently produced theatrical productions featuring the history, traditional culture, and great figures of Shikoku and Setouchi on yearly basis. Over 15 years since its foundation, the “Botchan Theater” has mobilized more than one million audiences. Since around 2015, JOY ART has been working to convert its stage titles into 8K videos.

For more than half a century since its establishment in 1967, has accumulated its own expertise in life science imaging to date, and in particular, has cultivated world-class technologies for bio-microscope observations and microscope photography. YONE PRODUCTION will be shooting the world under a microscope with such technology and 8K camera for its release.

The company provides sophisticated solutions for image quality in a wide range of areas related to camera image processing. Leveraging this knowledge, BRYCEN will not only produce high-quality 8K contents, but also provide a variety of solutions for 8K utilization in various industries.

About MADD.
Based on the concept of Movie for Art, Design and Data (MADD.), MADD. provides a place to take on the challenge of new video expressions. MADD. aims to create a living ecosystem for video artists, designers, artists, and engineers through the Award and associated events.

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