Order Received for 8K camera system (AB-4815) from KBS

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Order Received for 8K camera system (AB-4815) from KBS

ASTRODESIGN, Inc. (Head office: Tokyo, President: Shigeaki Suzuki) has received an order from the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), a Korean public broadcaster, for its 8K120Hz compatible portable camera, AB-4815, and a set of peripheral equipment.

8K120Hz Portable Camera (AB-4815)

AB-4815 is a compact camera system that can shoot both 8K120p and 60p developed by ASTRODESIGN. In Korea, the world’s first terrestrial 4K broadcast was launched in May 2017, and the country as a whole has been working to actively promote the content industry. KBS used this camera to shoot music programs in 8K and cut out each performer by face recognition and tracking using their in-house developed software, VERTIGO. “The equipment is small and compact, the image quality is excellent, the operation is easy, and the response of the camera director and staff at the site was very good. The individual performers’ videos, which were clipped by VERTIGO from the previously shot 8K video, recorded a high number of views on YouTube.” Videos shot with AB-4815 are available on KBS’s official KBS Kpop YouTube channel.

◆Products to be Delivered
・8K120Hz Portable Camera   AB-4815
・8K Camera Remote Controller RB-4816
・High Resolution Viewfinder   DF-3516-A

◆Official KBS Kpop YouTube Channel

Videos shot with AB-4815 are credited with “촬영: AB-4815 8K Camera, AstroDesign” in the description box.
Shooting Dates: November 29, 2019, December 6, 2019, February 28, 2020

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