8K Theater Grand Opening at Yukigaya-Otsuka Headquarters

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2018 /12/18

8K Theater Grand Opening at Yukigaya-Otsuka Headquarters
For everyone involved in video production, make 8K content production more familiar

ASTRODESIGN, Inc. (Head office: Tokyo, President: Shigeaki Suzuki) has officially opened our 8K theater (supports 8K 3D, 8K 120Hz video, 22.2ch audio).

ASTRODESIGN, Inc. has been developing 8K visual equipment since 2000 and in recent years has focused on proposing a “total 8K workflow” from shooting to display. From June 2018, we began an “8K rental program” as part of our 8K content production support. We now rent 8K equipment and 8K editing room and have opened our 8K theater to the public aiming at the further spread of 8K. By doing so, we hope to have set up an environment where anyone can feel free to create 8K content. Our system makes video production that much easier with the ability to immediately check your content on the big screen while still editing. The theater is also open for demonstrations and previews for clients, screenings and more. All facilities require a reservation so you can be sure to have the place, and the equipment, to yourself.

1-5-2 Minami-Yukigaya, Ota-ku, Tokyo
ASTRODESIGN, Inc. Head office 2F

■Permanent Equipment
8K Theater
・Projector: INSIGHT Laser 8K Imaging by ASTRO ※1
・Player: ASTRODESIGN HR-7518-A
・Converter: ASTRODESIGN SC-8221
・Screen size: 170 inches

8K editing room
・Main editing machine: 
 HDWS-8K / Grass valley   
  6TB SSD / Edius9.2 / Astra
  Data Ingest/Export

・Sub editing machine: 
 7047GR-TRF / Supermicro
  10TB HDD / Adobe CC / DaVinci Resolve

8K Camera Showroom
・8K Camera : ASTRODESIGN AH-4801-B
・8K Monitor : ASTRODESIGN DM-3814
・8K Recorder : ASTRODESIGN HR-7512   and more.

We will continue to contribute to the development of the video industry through support of 8K content production, making full use of our knowledge as a manufacturer of cutting edge image equipment development.

※1 This product was developed by a collaborative project of three companies by ASTRODESIGN, Inc., Delta Electronics Co., Ltd. of Taiwan, Digital Projection Company of England.

1-5-2, Minami-yukigaya, Ota-ku, Tokyo 145-0066
ASTRODESIGN,Inc.  TOKYO Headquarters
Tel +81-(0)3-5734-6320   Fax +81-(0)3-5734-6102

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