News release [8K Dual Green HD-SDI Interface converter on sale now]

News release

Tokyo, SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

Converting 8K Dual Green HD-SDI 16ch/3G-SDI (Level-B) 8ch toDual Link DVI 16ch

■ Product: nterface converter
■ Type: FC-8213
■ Release date: 2015/09
Overseas price:¥2,200,000 (tax not included)

Tokyo, Japan – Astrodesign, Inc., high end digital video equipment developer and manufacturer,
today announces 8K interface converter, converting 8K Dual Green HD-SDI 16ch/3G-SDI(Level-B) 8ch to Dual Link DVI 16ch.

It makes easy to connect 8K dual green equipment to Dual Link DVI 16ch input monitor.


3G-SDI(Level-B): BNC connector x 8
HD-SDI: BNC connector x 1, G1/G2/R/G 10bit per each
8K Dual Green format
DVI: Dual Link DVI x16ch, R/G/B 10bit per each
●Dimensions: 430(W)×88(H)×350(D)mm (excluded subjected parts)
●Weights: Approx. 5.5㎏

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