Controller that sets loudness levels to a target level now on the market

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August 30, 2012
Controller that sets loudness levels to a target level now on the market

Product name: Loudness level controller
Model number: AC-3804
Market launch date:Shipment commenced on July 1, 2012

Specialist digital video equipment manufacturer Astrodesign Inc. (headquartered in Ota Ward in Tokyo and headed by Shigeaki Suzuki, company president) has developed and is now marketing a unit which measures the loudness levels of the audio signals superimposed onto input SDI signals or of the audio signals input in compliance with AES standards and which controls these loudness levels to a target level. The controller comes with a color liquid crystal display to ensure excellent visual recognition of the loudness levels and other information (such as alarms when trouble occurs).

– HD-SDI and SD-SDI signal input supported
Ÿ– Many and varied video formats supported
Ÿ– Standards supporting HD-SDI signals: SMPTE292M, BTA S-004B standards complied with
(1.485 Gbit/s, SDI input)
– Standards supporting SD-SDI signals: SMPTE259M standards complied with (270 Mbit/s, SDI input)
AES/EBU input/output x 4 ( channels 1 to 8 )
Ÿ- Measurement of loudness levels based on loudness algorithms of the ARIB-TR-B32 standards
(IT-R, BS.a770 standards) and volume level control enabled
– Loudness measurement start/stop, audio mode switching and other operations performed using
handy controller
– 1U half-rack-mounting size; DC 12V input power source supported

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