News release [Real-Time 4k Transmission marked a success for Three Collaborating Companies]

News release

Tokyo, April 25, 2012 –
Real-Time 4k Transmission marked a success for Three Collaborating Companies

ASTRODESIGN performed successfully with a 64APSK satellite data transmission involving a ku-band (36MHz) satellite repeater in collaboration with RIKEI Corporation and FUJITSU. A real-time 4K image at an approximate rate of 150Mbps data volume was successfully achieved from point to point.

・April 4, 2012
・Transmitter: 1.3m antenna on a ban in Saitama prefecture
・Receiver: 2.4m antenna in Tokyo
・Frequency: 35.8MHz
・Modulation scheme / FEC rate: 64APSK FEC5/6oko
・Bandwidth: 150Mbps approx.

<The following List of Products were deployed during the trial:
・4K camera: “AH-4410A/ AP-4411” ASTRODESIGN
・4K recorder: “HR-7512-A” ASTRODESIGN
・4K monitor: “DM-3410-A” ASTRODESIGN
・4K encoder and decoder: “IP-9610” FUJITSU
・Transmitter: “NS1000” NovelSat


Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, ASTRODESIGN, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high speed digital signal processing equipments for cutting edge technologies, including digital broadcasting systems, digital cinema production, or advanced video systems such as uncompressed recording, stereoscopic 3D, and higher resolution of 4K and SHV (Super High Vision, 16 times of HD).


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