News release [High Resolution Electronic View Finder] DF-3511

News release

April 16, 2012
Industry’s First Electronic Viewfinder with a Full HD LCoS Display
Announced at NAB 2012

High Resolution Electronic View Finder
・ DF-3511
Announcement date : 2012/4/16(NAB Show 2012)



Astrodesign Incorporated (headquarters: Ota, Tokyo; president: Shigeaki Suzuki), a manufacturer specializing in digital video equipment, has developed the industry’s first electronic viewfinder equipped with a Full HD LCoS display. The DF-3511 will be exhibited at the Astrodesign booth at National Association of Broadcasters’ NAB Show, April 16–19 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The electronic viewfinder incorporates a high-resolution (1920×1080) LCoS display for viewing. Developed jointly with U.S.-based Band Pro Film & Digital, the viewfinder meets professional needs in resolution, features, and usability.

・Full HD (1920×1080) LCoS display
・Delay of no more than one frame
・2x magnification
・Multiple markers supported
・Dedicated rotary knobs for brightness, contrast, and peaking
・Stores five user profiles
・Programmable buttons to apply profiles instantly

・Full HD (1920×1080) LCoS display
・Source formats:
1920×1080/50i, 59.94i, 60i
1920×1080/29.97p/sF, 30p/sF
1920×1080/23.98p/sF, 24p/sF, 25p/sF
1280×720/50p, 59.94p, 60p
・Source signals: HD analog or HD-SDI (two models)
・Adjustment (via dedicated rotary knobs): brightness, contrast, and peaking
・Main Functions
Flip screen, display full/under, mono: on/off, 2x magnification, smoothing, marker: on/off and
selection, sensor aspect, masking, backlight level, tally, peaking color, user profiles

*Band Pro Film & Digital information:

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