News release [Portable Uncompressed 4k SSD Recorder] HR-7510

News release

April 16, 2012
HR-7510 4K Uncompressed Recorder Announced at NAB 2012
Ready for New Canon EOS C500 Cinema Cameras

Portable Uncompressed 4k SSD Recorder
・ HR-7510
Announcement date : 2012/4/16(NAB Show 2012)
Astrodesign Incorporated (headquarters: Ota, Tokyo; president: Shigeaki Suzuki), a manufacturer specializing in digital video equipment, will exhibit the HR-7510, a 4K uncompressed recorder compatible with new Canon EOS C500 cinema cameras, at the Astrodesign booth at National Association of Broadcasters’ NAB Show, April 16–19 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The HR-7510 enables uncompressed recording of RAW footage from Canon EOS C500 cinema cameras, in these formats.
・4K RAW, 60p
・4K Half-RAW, 120p
・2K RGB, 12-bit 4:4:4, 60p
・2K YCbCr, 4:2:2, 120p

■Real-time RAW Processing
Footage being recorded can be monitored as it is processed in real time.
Equipped with four 3G-SDI outputs. In conjunction with a 4K monitor, the recorder makes it possible to check preliminary footage and minimize the need for additional takes. Users monitoring footage can switch between monitoring with Canon Log Gamma and Rec. 709, to check both shading and color.

■Data Transfer
Supports fast data transfer, essential in file-based workflows. SAS interface for transferring footage, offering transfer speeds nearly equivalent to video dubbing.

■Data Transfer
・Unprecedented compact and light body for a 4K recorder
・Highly reliable SSD technology minimizes risks of mechanical failure
・Dual timecode support: embedded TC, LTC input
・Embedded audio and XLR input
・Built-in 3.5-inch LCD screen for checking processed RAW footage
・Simultaneously acquires camera and lens metadata
・Can be powered by a 10–32V DC supply; battery power also supported

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