Private Show 2014 (admission free)

News release

May 13, 2014
ASTRODESIGN Private Show 2014 (admission free)

Schedule: June 19(Thu) and 20(Fri) 10:00 to 17:30
Place: ASTRODESIGN Head Quarter
Place: 1-5-2, Ota-ku, Minami-yukigaya, Tokyo

Schedule: July 17(Thu) and 18(Fri) 10:00 to 18:00
Place: GRAND FRONT OSAKA North TowerB 10F
Place: KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL Conference Room B01 and 02
Place: 3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-city

Seminar (requires reservation)
A) 8K Technology Latest trend and ASTRODESIGN contribution
A):Lecturer: Mr. Takaaki Nagano, Director of R&D division
B) ASTRODESIGN contribution to HDMI2.0 Compliance Test
B):Lecturer: Mr. Yasuo Kobayashi

Tokyo: June 19, 20  11:00-11:30(A), 14:00-14:30(B), 15:30-16:00(A)
Osaka: July 17, 18   11:00-11:30(A), 14:00-14:30(B), 15:30-16:00(A)
Please make reservation in our web site: or contact ASTRODESIGN staff.


Exhibiting products:
・8K camera system
・4K LCD monitor, waveform monitor
・HDMI Video Signal Generator and Protocol Analyzer
・Loudness monitor
・MMT (MPEG Media Transport) Analyzer
・MPEG Multi-box
・Media Integrator for Video Wall
・Multimedia Converter




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US office:+1-408 435 780