Outline of product

LM-9002 achieves transmissive-type, unstained, super-resolution observation due to its unique optical aperture expansion technology and our specialty high-speed digital signal processing technology.
In addition to complete separation of intensity and phase, information such as polarization can be observed in real-time at the same time and position.
Furthermore, not only the transmission, but also reflection observation functions have been reinforced.
ASTRODESIGN offers a powerful and unprecedented observation method.
(3 patents in the US, 3 in Europe, 16 in Japan)

* Japanese market only


Fusion of original optical aperture expansion technology and high-speed digital signal processing technology
● Real-time multi-method observation
Achieves simultaneous comparative observation of various types of information via the real-time visualization of multiple types of optical information, such as intensity information, phase information, and polar ization information, at the same time, from the same place.

● Super-resolution imaging beyond the light diffraction limit
Achieves resolution equivalent to NA1.20 (water immersion) with a NA0.95 dry lens

● Complete separation of intensity and phase information
Enables complete separation of information that could not be achieved wi th convent ional phase-contrast microscopes and observes faint phase information in detail

New Proposal for LM-9002
● Various reflection observation functions added to real-time method
Intensity information, phase information, fluorescence information

● Effective for submerged observation
Observation of dispersion and aggregation behavior of particles in liquid, etc.

● Effective for the linked observation of the cross-disciplinary region of optical microscopes and electron microscopes
Preliminary observation for electron microscope observation that requires troublesome pre-processing