Outline of product

It is an image correction processing device that outputs 8K video taken with the AH-4801-E / G (8K camera head) in a format conforming to the ARIB standard (8K / 4: 4: 4 / 120Hz, 60Hz).
By using AT-4812 (camera head adapter) together, it is possible to transmit video signals up to 1 km.
Operate the camera with the master controller AC-4813.


● Video output in a format conforming to the ARIB standard (8K / 4: 4: 4 / 120Hz, 60Hz)
● The distance between the camera head adapter and the control unit can be extended up to 1 km
● Output from control unit
· 8K video output (1): Output conforming to ARIB STD-B 58 (8K / 4: 4: 4 /120Hz) standard
· 8K video output (2): 12G-SDI output (60Hz only)
· Monitor output (1): 4K monitor output
· Monitor output (2): HD monitor output
● Easy image adjustment by master controller with LCD panel


Head connection I/FARIB Optical composite cable max 1 km
Optical wavelength multiplexingCWDM
Camera video output

ARIB STD-B58 standard 8K 4:4:4 120 format
12G-SDI(SMPTE ST 2082-12) 8K YPbPr 59.94p(60Hz mode only)

Monitor output(4K)3G-SDI level A, YPbPr, 1080/59.94p ×4ch (4K Down Convert) SQD 
Monitor output(HD)3G-SDI level A, YPbPr, 1080/59.94p ×4 distribution (HD Down Convert)
Return video input(4K)3G-SDI level A 1080/59.94p ×4ch×2
Gen Lock inputHD-SDI 1080/59.94i(BB / HD Tri-level)
Signal delay amountwithin 50 msec(3 frames)
IntercomXLR 4 pin


General Specification

Power consumption

260 W(with master controler、270 W)
Rated ViltageAC100 - 240V
Operating Temperature Range5~40℃ (non condensation)
Operating Humidity Range20~80%RH (non condensation)
Dimensions430 (W)×133 (H)×450(D) ㎜(without protrusion)