Outline of product

The model VG-880 video signal generator offers the ultimate in cost performance. It was developed for the efficiency of the production lines of FPD panels. It features a high-speed drawing engine to yield a maximum of 16 bits each for RGB (ramp patterns) and a maximum clock frequency of 300MHz (during 120Hz vertical frequency tests). Furthermore, it supports the latest FPD standards.


-The generator enhances the fficiency of the production lines with its abillity to draw the test patterns at high soeed.

- The maximum clock frequency is 165MHz with RGB 16 bits (DVI interface) and 240MHz with RGB 12 bits (LVDS interface). (when using the ramp patterns for the gradation tsting of FPD panels)

- The video memory has a maximum 4096×2048 area. The maximum dot clock frequency is 300MHz with the DVI interface and 240MHz with the LVDS interface.

- Max. 2 output doards smong three kinds of interface can be selected. (Specifications are fixed at the factory) - New interfaces can be quickly supported by the hardware configured with individual slots to accommodate new boaeds. - Program data is edited using the SP-8870 software that runs in Windows.

- The generator's operations can be contorolled from ASTRODESIGN's RB-614C or RB-1848 remote contlol box. Terminal commands can also be sent from a PC RS-232C.

- The generator comes with a wide selection of test patterns and test function for FPD panels and TV sets. - Program sata can be stored in up to 1,000 program on a CompactFlash card while up to 1,000 programs can be stored in the generator's memory.


Output timing
Horizontal timing
128 - 8192 dots
4 - 8198 Lines
Output interface
Video memory
Interface boards
DVI 16-bit
Digital connector
DVI-D × 1 Dual Link
Dot clock frequency
(up to 8 bits)
Single Link : 25 - 165MHz
Dual Link : 50 - 300MHz
Dot clock frequency
(10 to 16 bits)
Number of output bits
Max. 12 bits each for RGB *256 colors for natural imades.
LVDS 12-bit
Digitan connector
Flat cable connector, HIF6-80PA-1.27DS
Dot clock frequency
Single Link : 8 - 120MHz
Dual Link : 16 - 240MHz
Number of output bitsMax. 12 bits each for RGB *256 colors for natural imades.
Analog connector
Dot clock frequency
5 - 165MHz
Video level
0.3 - 1.2V
10 bits each for RGB
Sync levels
CS (binary): 300mV *On sync:0 to 600mV
CS (tri-level): ±300mV *On sync:0 to ±600mV
Storage mediaATA CompactFlash card×1
(capable of storing up to 1,000 programs)
External interfaceRS-232C, remote control box
General Specifications
Power Supply Voltage
AC100~120V、AC200~240V (50/60Hz)
Operating/Storage Temperture Range
Operating : +5 to 40℃/Storage : -10 to 60℃
Operating Humidity Range
30 to 80%RH(without condensation)
External Dimensions
Approx. 3.0kg