Outline of product

Monitoring HDMI signals and overlay display of analysis details like below

1) Video Timings, Audio Infomation, HDCP, DDC, AV-Mute, Channel Status Bit, the VA-1809A supported.

2) HDMI standard base InfoFrame(VSI), EDID(VSDB) and CEC parameter

3) HDMI ARC(Audio Return Channel) detect for both input and output channel

4) HDMI 3D, Switching L and R or oddL and oddR images

Useful Functions

5) Through Mode(Checking both Sink and Source status, logging DDC or CEC)

6) Generate Function(All EIA Timings with Several Test Patterns and Audio)

User Friendly Operaiton

7) Analyzed status displayed on maxmum five windows(Video Timing + DDC Monitor, etc)

8) Mouse Control, USB Memory(for Program or Log data saving of firmware upgrade)

9) 12.1 size large LCD display, Portable size(250 × 340 × 160)