Outline of product

9.6inch 4K LCD monitor, model DM-3409-A is a high-functional camera adjustment monitor to make the most of your 4K camera. It has 4K dot by dot resolution LCD, focus assist peaking function, exposure support by waveform, histogram and vector. It also has DC power operation, supporting both 3G-SDI LevelA and B, throughout terminal for a variety of application. Thanks to its small and lightweight unit, it is quite easy to setup at anytime and anywhere. Once you experience, you cannot stand without it.
9.6inch 4K LCD monitotr, DM-3409-A


9.6inch 4K LCD to check 4K video dot by dot

Although 9.6 inch small display size, it has 3840X2160 resolution LCD which truly expresses the image of 4K camera.


Display layout for optimal camera adjustment

Utilizing a rich variety of DM-3409-A display and measurement functions, your 4K camera can be made the most.


Overlaying wave and histogram on the whole picture, image size and signal quality can be checked visually together.


Split display of waveform and vector


Split display of waveform and histogram



Peaking function is indispensable for critical focus. A range of strength from 0 to 400% and selectable color among white, green, red and yellow.



DM-3409-A has marker display to check imaging. Size is adjustable per 1dot and 1line step.


Quick Menu Access

Seven user keys are allocated on the front panel. It helps call most frequent menus immediately.



 3G-SDI Compliant to SMPTE 434M, 425M
Frame rate auto sense (60.00/59.94Hz etc)

HD-SDI Compliant to ITU-R BT.1769, BTA S-004B
Frame rate auto sense (60.00/59.94Hz etc)


 Through Out Distribution output of input (no reclock)

Headphone Max. output 40mW (16ohms)


 LCD Vertical Alignment

Color depth 8bit(16,777,216 colors)

Contrast ratio 800:1

Viewing angle 160°(U/D), 160°(L/R)

Brightness 400cd/m2 (backlight default)

Display size 9.6inch

Resolution 3840(H) x 2160(V)

Dot pitch 0.0555mm


 Operating temperature range 5 to 40℃ (no condensation)
Static temperature range -10 to 60℃

Operating humidity range 20 to 80%RH (ambient temperature 5 to 35℃ and no condensation)
Static humidity range 10 to 90%RH

Dimensions 300(W) x 199(H) x 80 (D) mm (excluding projected parts)

Weight Approx. 3.1Kg (main unit)
Supply voltage DC11.4 to 16.8V
Power consumption MAX 58W