-1U half rack size
- UI on Front Panel
- Converting 204byte TS (ISDB-T TS) into 188byte TS (TX unit)
-Re-convering the converted 188byte TS into 204byte TS again(RX unit)
-Optimizing transmission with 188byte for 204byte
-Utilize 188byte transmission for 204byte TS
-Switchable to TX/RX with one unit
-Applicable to SFN broadcasting TS transmission (ISDB-T)
Preventing buffer overflow without 10MHz Sync signal (transmitting with time-stamp for clock-sync at 188byte TS)
-Reducing bitrate at 188byte TS than at 204byte TS (optimizing at pay-load of Null packets)
-Durable to Null insertion/deletion during transmission (sending PID including Null in a single PID)


Parts & Functions

No Parts Function
1. VFD Status, User I/F
2. Rotary Encoder Select, Enter
3. ESC Key Escape
4. LED (Green/Red) Power On/Off Check
5. Switch Power On/Off
No I/O Connector Function
1. I BNC-J DBV-ASI input
2. O BNC-J DBV-ASI output
3. I BNC-J N/A
4. I/O RJ-45 N/A
5. I/O RJ-45 Ethernet for NTP
6. I XLR 4pin Male AC Adopter 100-240V


  • CX-5525A
    [ Input ]
  • Name
  • ASI-IN
  • Channels
  • 1
  • Connector
  • BNC-J
  • Signal Type
  • DVB-ASI (EN 50083-9) Signal level: 200mVp-880mVp-p
    mpedance: 75 Ohm asymmetrical
    ASI polarity : Positive only
  • ASI
  • Packet mode/Burst Mode Receiving indiscriminately
  • Packet Length
  • TX Unit:2048/63bps Inputting 2048/63 Mbps
    RX Unit:10kbps - 215Mbps
  • Ethernet
  • Name
  • Channels
  • 1
  • Connector
  • RJ-45
  • Signal Type
  • Ethernet (IEEE802.3)
    10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX
    Autp Negotiation
  • General specification
  • Rated Voltage
  • DC 12V (10-18V supported)
    (Cannon Connector XLR 4pin Male, 1=GND / 4=+12V)
    (AC adoptor 100-240V is included in the package)
  • Consumption
  • 25W
  • Operation Tempareture
  • 0-40 C (No condensation)
  • Operation Humidity
  • 35-80%RH (No condensation)
  • Dimensions
  • 210(W)x44(H)x350(D) mm
    1U Half size, not including surface extentions
  • Weight
  • Approx. 2kg