Outline of product

Specialist digital video equipment manufacturer Astrodesign Inc. (headquartered in Ota Ward in Tokyo and headed by Shigeaki Suzuki, company president) has developed and launched onto the market two audio monitor models: These units separate the audio (embedded audio) signals superimposed onto the SDI signals in the HD and SD formats from the video signals, and make it possible to monitor the signals on up to two channels simultaneously either through the speakers built into the main unit or with headphones.
The liquid crystal display features a broad selection of meters including a VU meter, audio peak meter, Lissajous waveform display, spectrum analyzer and loudness meter as well as a wide range of display functions including a video monitor function for input signals.


- HD an SD-SDI signal input supported
- External audio input/output: 8 channels each for AES/EBU input and output signals (total of 16 channels),
- 8 channels each for analog balanced input/output signals
- Stereo speakers (for left and right channel signals) provided, model AM-3803 equipped with a woofer as well
- Loudness meter function incorporated
- Loudness meter functions compliant with the ARIB TR-B32 standards (ITU-R BS.1770 standards) featured
- 5.1 multichannel down-mixing function: Computation formulae of ISO/IEC 13818-7:1997(E) standards and
- ARIB STD-B21 standards supported
- Status display, audio level bars, VU meter, spectrum analyzer, Lissajous waveform, audio peak display,
- loudness meter and other display functions
- Audio channel switching function, preset data loading function, alarm output function, external device control
- function and time input connector
- 1U rack-mounting size; both AC and DC 12V input power sources supported